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Full Version: More than 1 ChooseBox in an INPUT instruction
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I have been messing with the INPUT instruction, and wanted to use 2 Choose fields. It just so happened that one of these Choose fields had 5 items and the other one had 7 items. I discovered, in the virtual calculator, depending on the order, that the choose field with 7 items would get shortened to 5 items (right now I don't remember the order that would shorten the 7 item Choose field). To further mess with my mind, when I tried it in the physical calculator, depending on the order, it appeared to terminate the program, and dump you in the home screen. What a quirky piece of electronics.
On the Android, As soon as you try to select the 1st/shorter list, the emulator exits.
Making the two lists the same length, all is well.

  LOCAL TTL:={"//"};
  LOCAL LBL:={"unit","MORE"};

  LOCAL UTYPES:={"bps","BPS"};


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