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Full Version: Limitation of CHOOSE command
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I/O command CHOOSE. Page 549 of the Prime User Guide.

Up to and including "item14" works.

...,"itemn" is wrong!

With "item15" and beyond you get a Syntax Error.

Someone please prove me wrong.

I need "item1" thru "item20".

It is looking like I will have to write code for a CHOOSE 1 thru 10 and a CHOOSE 11 thru 20. That would not be good programming.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Look at the on-calc help for choose. The built in help inside the calculator will nearly always be the most accurate.

Quote:Syntax: CHOOSE(var, “title”, “item1”, “item2”,[…"item14"]) or CHOOSE(var,"title",{"item1"..."itemN"})

Displays a choose box with the given title and containing items with the strings "item1", etc. If the user choose an object, var will be updated to contain the number of the selected object (an integer, 1, 2, 3, …); otherwise, stores zero in var if the user exits without choosing.

Returns true (non zero) if the user selects an object, otherwise return false (0).

Give a list as item #3.
Thanks for the help Tim.
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