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Full Version: Prime variable assignation in ppl
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HI, I apologise if this is a really silly question, but in the Rollmany example program in the user guide (page 454) there appears to be assignment carried out by a triangle symbol (pointing to the right).

I have not been able to enter this into the Prime. Does anyone know how to do this?
The line below is one of the Rollmany program lines in question:


Many thanks for any help.
maybe the Store Key ? (blue shift EEX)

(don't have a Prime yet)
Yes. It is the Sto Key (which does have the little triangle on the key itself).

Being a long time HP RPN/RPL user I'm finding the mindset switch difficult.

Many thanks!!
You can also rewrite as

Thanks Patrice. I was going to try that if unable to find the way to enter the triangle.
Appreciate the help.
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