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Full Version: Card Reader Motor Dampener Repair
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I've read many of the posted repair guides and watched Geoff's video from the 2013 HHC conference but I've never seen a rundown of the size of the two wire insulations needed to make the dampener repair. I have made the o-ring repairs successfully and all but one of the readers have solid dampeners (seem solid and run very quiet). Just one of the readers has a definitely dead motor dampener so I'd like to try that fix as well. Just wondering what gauge wires I need for the insulation harvest. Thanks in advance. -Kevin
let me get home and measure the two I use. I just fished around in my box of supplies and extras until I found the correct sizes. The outer, white insulation is from a set of dead iPhone, iPad, I touch white ear buds. The thicker end by the jack.

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