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Full Version: 48sxtant magazine
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Since i am doing some storage, i found in a box some 48sxtant paper magazines i was subscribed to some decades ago.

It was a french written magazine edited by Bob Pulluard for several years.

Do you know if these magazines has been scanned and stored somewhere? I do not have all the numbers so my collection is far from being complete.

In case, someone has the email address of Robert?


Hello Giancarlo,
If you can read french, Bob Pulluard was on this forum a few years ago :

He spoke about 48stant and said that he took magazines at his home.

I don't know if you can PM him, but his pseudo is "bogie-wogie".


PS : I saw that he was online on the train forum in march 2014.
Another place to talk about your findings is the French MySilicium forum.
Now I am a member of a train forum :+).

...and waiting for an anwer,

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