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Full Version: How to enter ?'s Casio Classpad 400
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I just got a Casio Classpad 400. How do I enter an integral into the graphing and solve applications? I wanted to solve int(max(sin(x),cos(x)),x,0,x)=a). Don't know what form of this if any is doable on this device. Also want to graph this function. Wish the documentation included this sort of thing. Most of the features are intuitive enough to figure out. Stylus works easily...in most cases, finger touch works just fine.

Another question is how do I enter initial conditions for 1st and 2nd order differential equations in the main workspace?

General solutions to differential equations are much easier to read on the Casio than the Prime as one does not have to wade through the plethora of constants that the Prime produces. The Casio is much slower than the Prime, but seems fine in most cases. Easier to do graphical analysis.
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