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It's a terrible thing, the 50g does not have a belt loop on the case.
One day I put the calculator in its case and then in my coat pocket and went to work. at the end of the day i remembered my calculator was in my coat pocket but when i went to get it it was gone. Sad
I had Lost my 50G which was a birthday gift last September of 2014.
I was smart enough to backup daily my programs to the SD card, but so dumb I never saved to my PC any of the backups.
Now I got a new 50G for christmas and will now have to start from scratch re-programming everything I had, and some of the programs will never be able to be replaced.
I hope I can learn from my mistakes. Nothing I can do I have to move on.
I found some generic, zippered, padded nylon belt cases at American Science & Surplus that fit a 50G with room to spare for four spare AAA cells. I bought a bunch and have used them for several large calculators. I even managed to squeeze a Sharp PC-1500A into one - very snug fit.
has a link to the leather case at lolink http://www.loink.com/product/93/22 which I had for one of my 48's. I had to have that case modified to remove the metal clasp with a velcro closure.
Instead of going thru that again I have found a "made in china" generic case that measures 4.5" X 8" X 2" deep, the 50G in its nylon case fits in, and I plan to add belt loops to hold the calculator in the field.
Thanks for your ideas.
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