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Full Version: My New HP 67
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A while ago I wrote that I had bought a NOS HP 67 with a rebuilt card reader with all of the usual refinements.

Just putting it into service today.

Here are some pics.

It will not replace my (fully blown) HP71B but I am excited about putting this beauty through its paces.
BTW I just found a handwritten note in the box that reads:

"Dear Billy H:

Please accept this HP 67 as a token of my appreciation for all your diligent help and here is to the next 42 years!


David P.

Christmas, 1981"

I do not know what to make of it.
Very nice!

How about some pics of that "fully blown" 71B? Is that the one with the flames painted on the sides and the card reader port is a hood scoop?
"PS And that guy who gave me the pitch about heat-staking is getting a lump of coal."
John: Here's an oldie but goodie. Turn on your '67, and then press these three keys:

Sigma-minus, x-bar, %CH.

Boom! It crashes so badly that you have to turn it off to revive. Don't worry; it's harmless to the machine. Full details here: http://holyjoe.net/hp/nnn.htm
Congrats on the new 67.. The model is my all time favorite HP calculator, I have several of them in my arsenal Smile

That calculator is beautiful. I'm quite jealous.

Are you serious about the hand-written note? What an incredible find, if so.

Of course I am joking about the note. Those who know me know I like to yank my friends' chains from time to time

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