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Full Version: Advanced Graphing ?
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Another graphing area question...how would I plot area in advanced plot app of MAX(SIN(X),COS(X)) ?

I'd say you should do it with the "Function" app by plotting F1(X)= "MAX(SIN(X),COS(X))".
But maybe you're more interested in the "Advanced Graphing" of V1: "SIN(X)>COS(Y)" and V2: "SIN(X)<COS(Y)".
It depends on what your intention is.

Did you mean to shade in the area between the x-axis and the function max(cos(x),sin(x))? If so, then define F1 as MAX(SIN(X),COS(X)) and then in the advanced graphing app use:

V1: Y \( \ge \) F1(X) AND Y\(\le \) 0
V2: Y \(\le \) F1(X) AND Y \( \ge \) 0

Edit: If you want them to be of the same color (say using V1's color), then do:

Hi Han,

I wanted to get the area under MAX(SIN(X),COS(X)) in the advanced function graphing app so that I could go to table and easily find "X" values that produce specified areas. This can be accomplished in the regular function app by subtracting a specific value for area using AREA(MAX(SIN(X),COS(X))-"specific area", and using function analysis to find root.

I wanted to have an easier way to query "x" values for a variety of specific areas by creating a table from the advanced graphing app.
Hello lrdhead,

Am I right, that you want for any arbitrary area a to find an x(a), so that
\[ a=\int_0^x \max(\sin\theta,\cos\theta)d\theta \]

If so, I haven't found a solution you might want, since I couldn't get "Advanced Graphing" to plot anything involving areas/integrals.

You could plot that in "Function" app (patience!), and then look at the numeric table. But this is driven by the step of x, not a(x).

Another way is using the "Solver" app.
1st: enter your problem; 2nd: solve x for a given a; 3rd: plot

Sorry, that's not the nice tabular solution (a vs. x(a)) you may expect
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