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Full Version: problem in new Connectivity Kit
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New firmware, Emulator, Conn Kit.
I have attached my Prime to PC.
Have Emulator started.
First issue is that both show up named the same! "HP Prime"
The Emulator should have default name of..."HP Prime Em" or something different.

But the main problem is that the Matrix list isn't working right.
Looking at the list for the actual calculator it only shows the built in Matrices.
i.e. M1,M2,...M0
None of my created ones are shown.
My programs are there on Program list.
Both of these are expected behaviors at the moment. If you'd like the emulator to show differently, feel free to give it a name by either right clicking on the tree item, or else change the name on page 2 settings in the emulator.

As for the other, only the built in lists/matrices are supported for editing at the moment from the connkit.
I noticed the same thing with the duplicate default names showing in the Connectivity Kit: both HP Prime.

Initially I tried to name each device:

HP Prime Calculator
HP Prime Emulator

That worked for awhile...but I ran into trouble when updating to new firmware because on occasion the physical calculator would revert back to a blank name again, and a new folder would be created 'HP Prime' or 'HP Prime_1' (on the local PC) as if a new calculator was recognized.

My solution was to start over, uninstall and delete all files and folders on the local PC, and keep both the calculator and emulator names blank. I then created a dummy program file in both the calculator and emulator, naming the program to reflect which calculator it belonged to. An odd way to do it, but it works.

Perhaps others have had trouble with named devices and firmware updates?

(12-18-2014 03:25 PM)timetraveller Wrote: [ -> ]Perhaps others have had trouble with named devices and firmware updates?


Not really a problem. I just rename the emulator after any update. It stays put until the next update.

Tom L
Latest releases have retained my unique device names, and so no duplicated names. If backup(s) were made before the update process, restoring from the backups, restored the saved device name. Restoring from an emulator backup to the calc, will rename the calc, and vice versa.
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