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HPCC in London, have a new (and old) technology forum.
My favorite program so far: Pastry Making in HPLUA Programs
Quote:-- this falls slightly short
This made me chuckle. Throwing all that math at a problem and then not using it. Smile
You could probably just as well return 2*h+b in baseCutDiameter.
Now I wonder what kind of pastry you make.

Kind regards
I did try it. that's why i found it falls slightly short :-)

Imagine you have a dish with a sloped side (the frustrum). The idea is to cut a circular piece of pastry to fit the base and the sides. However, the shape is not a circle when flattened and so a circular piece of pastry winds up (slightly) crumpled on the side slopes and thus "falls short" slightly.

I think the 10% hack factor accommodates this.

The code was an experiment to calculate the amount of pastry required to make a pie with an optional lid, and then calculate the amount of raw ingredients needed (ie flour, fat, etc.)

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