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Full Version: Stranded on a deserted island
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SPOKE TOO SOON! Here is a pic of Jennifer Love Hewitt Today:


You guys are super...I can't stop laughing...this is the best fórum ever!

As for the the last photo of Jennifer something....well with a TI, NO WAY, I'M OUT....LOL

answer 3

But may I exchange Jennifer Love Hewitt for a PC100 printer and a few rolls of thermic paper?
If you have an infinite supply of batteries, you could build a ship or a bridge with them.
If they are regularly supplied by ship or aircraft, well... there you go. All sorts of options there.

Either way, I'll take #1.

UNLESS choice #3 also comes with the infinite supply of batteries.

That choice offers me the option of making Miss Hewett do all the unpleasant work while I engineer the solution... by hand... in the sand. Ain't it grand?
#1 And #3, if possible but TI is not an obligation !...
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