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Full Version: Indirect addressing
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In writing code for the HP Prime, how does one do indirect addressing?
An example, I have a variable named TEST1. TEST1 contains the string “BS10” that my code has constructed and stored there. “BS10” is a pointer to global variable BS10. Note that userin contains data acquired during an INPUT(); line. I need a line(s) something like one of the following because none of these work:

userin▶TEST1;//need the contents of userin stored in the variable BS10
userin▶’TEST1’;//remember that TEST1 contains the pointer BS10

Many thanks in advance for any help.

"2+3"‣AA                   "2+3"
EXPR(AA)                    5
Would the following be useful for your needs?


expr(example); // or alternately: cas(example);
Thanks for responding. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. Holidays and family activities. I apologize that my question was not clear.
I am going to construct a more succinct question.
Breaking a string down into its parts and evaluating them cannot bring about indirect addressing. Hope the new year is a good one for you.
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