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Full Version: CAS: Argument Delimiter if Decimal Point is Comma
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In Home, when the number format contains a comma as decimal point, a semicolon is used to delimit function arguments. In CAS, a comma is used instead. When I copy a history entry from Home to CAS via the Get From Home menu item, the delimiter is adjusted accordingly. This isn't done for something on the command line, the text is left there verbatim. CAS doesn't accept the input if it contains a semicolon. The same problem occurs on the way back Home.

This leads to another question: How can I enter a function with multiple floating point arguments? How does CAS differentiate between a decimal comma and the argument delimiter?
The CAS does not accept comma as delimiter, like most scientific softwares you must use a .
OK, so in CAS the setting for the number format in Home is ignored and the format is always 123456.78 ?

This leaves the second question: Shouldn't the command line be converted as is done with the command stack contents when switching environments? Replacing semicolon by comma and vice versa?
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