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Full Version: Spreadsheet Plotting?
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In the built-in help topics, under spreadsheet app, are the procedures "plot view" and "symbolic view" for real? Just asking because if I select a range to plot and press symb, all I get is the orange exclamation mark !

Perhaps all the help text in the tree menu for "Plot view" and "Symbolic view" describes what the HP development team would like to achieve at some point in the future (i.e., plot directly from the spreadsheet app)?

you may program your own, if you have an use case.

For example: a function named "Plot" within in the "Spreadsheet (App)" program will be executed every time you press the [Plot]-button while the spreadsheet app is active.
I think the function names are (simply the button captions): Symb, SymbSetup, Plot, PlotSetup, Num, NumSetup.

BTW: that way Han made his great "Graph3D" app by redefining these keys of an "Advanced Graphing App"-derivate.
Yes, of course programming is always an option. I'm not interested in doing that though - - I hardly use the spreadsheet, and I am OK with the statistics 1var and 2var apps - - this all came about because I let my youngest son and a friend of his explore the calculator to see if either one of them would like one (they go to college).

The help text in the tree menu on the calculator (which, by the way, is quite lengthy and detailed) leads one to believe that this is already all programmed - - you set up your plot with the spreadheet "Symb" key, and then plot with the "Plot" key, like you do in the other apps.

Anyway, no big deal, but if this all doesn't exist, perhaps it should be deleted from the help tree.
(12-14-2014 08:59 PM)Helge Gabert Wrote: [ -> ]...you set up your plot with the spreadheet "Symb" key, and then plot with the "Pot" key, like you do in the other apps.

If you use the "Pot" key just exactly the right way, there is no telling what you may see... 3D displays included. Look at the colors...
Yep . . . Corrected "pot" typo.
(12-14-2014 10:13 PM)Helge Gabert Wrote: [ -> ]Yep . . . Corrected "pot" typo.
And rendered useless a perfectly witty comeback. Alas, such a waste... Wink
I liked it better when it was the "Pot" key Smile. I laughed so hard it hurts!
Thanks, I needed a good laugh today!
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