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Full Version: Calculator Mission
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Just relocated house a couple of years ago, and decided to set up work bench after many years. Dug up all these HP calculators and goodies I have been collecting for a long time. People thought I was crazy (maybe I am ), Anyway,
I am going to start sorting through them and hopefully make a nice display in honour of Hewlett Packard gear. Most of these in photos are the red led type,
still waiting for a HP65, HP37 and HP10 to complete series. Still have another 2 boxes of stuff to get through after this, and still a bit of setting up to do. Thankyou to this HP site for sparking my interest up again, and also to contributors who make this site .
photos attached
wish me luck
That's a very nice collection, you have some of the more obscure LED ones in there. I know how addicting they can be to collect, I had a large collection myself years ago that I gradually sold off but kept a few of the fun ones I enjoy actually using rather than looking at like the 65 and 67. I did keep a new in the box 21 just to pull out look at every now and then Smile I much prefer the LED models to any with LCD's, the only LCD models that I like are the 41's, the rest that came around afterwards just seemed cheapened down too much for my liking. I did buy a new 35S a few years ago and have to say it's quite nice, but still doesn't feel like a good old HP does. Thanks for sharing!

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