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Full Version: Card Reader Versions 82104A
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I 'm considering sending a card reader to be repaired but am curious about the different versions that were produced. I have a 1D, 1E, and 1F version, each not working but all there. I'd like to at least get one going and wondered which one to go with. I feel pretty fortunate to have obtained a copy of "Extend Your HP-41" and appendix C describes the bugs associated with the card reader. It seems as though some bugs related to card readers have the potential to be a benefit at times. Any thoughts? I plan to get one working now but will explore self-repair for the others in the future. -Kevin
Just 'on principle' I'd send the newest one (the F revision) but if someone recalls something significantly wonderful about the earlier ones that would be interesting to consider.

Do we have numbers for how many G models were made, and is that the highest revision HP made ?
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