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Full Version: Do you have any idea about this calculator?
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Hi, I am an HP colector, but I recently bought a handheld calculator of the make ATAIO.

ATAIO was a spanish engineering company founded during the early seventies (now it does not exist). They were not manufacturers, just rebranded others products for the spanish market, giving support. I have some Compucorp, with the added name ATAIO-Compucorp.

The ATAIO model I am asking for is SC6010. It looks pretty nice and robust. In the back side you can read "manufactured in Japan". Do you know something about it? Manufacturer, date, etc.
(The picture is the only one I found in the Internet, it is not my calculator...if ther is any conflict with intelectual property laws, let me know and I shall remove it)

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

It looks like another version of the SC-60 from around 1975 that was sold under different brands (Kings Point SC-60, Realtone SC-60, MBO Alpha II ...): Realtone SC-60
Yes, it is!
Thanks a lot for your information. Very helpful.
I find it very nice and very solid constructed...the problem is that the internal nicad battery pack leaked and there are some issues to solve....but it definitively works fine.

Again, thanks a lot!

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