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Full Version: HP Prime nagative angle problem
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Hi, I' using HP Prime (Application version: 20140702 v6031, Operating system version: V0.032.6030)
when I 'm in the Home View (Angle Measure: Degrees) and enter for example -0.2535241 and want to convert it in DMS (using decimal to sexagesimal conversion key) I get this 0°15'12.68676" without a minus. This is only problem when the angle is negative and it has 0°.
Is this a bug?
Yes, it is. Note that is is purely display purposes and the negative is actually there. If it falls between -1 and 0 this happens. Sorry! :-(
The negative sign of the angle is there, if you use it in the next calculation.

But if you grab it from the history screen after some intermediate calculations (say, a couple rows up), the negative sign will be lost.
Ugh, I didn't notice it. Thanks for warning.
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