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Full Version: need a translation help about a programming diagram
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Hi all,

I need your help for the English name of the programming diagram bellow.
In French the name is "Arbre programmatique", it about structured programming.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=1220]
Is it the word "Flowchart" in general that you're looking for, or are you looking for a name for that one particular flowchart?
I think that would be a "Jackson Structured Programming Diagram".
Hi Joe,
I knew the general word "Flowchart", it is even often used in France. I also know a less general name which is "Directed Tree", but it is still too general.

I am looking for the name of this particular Flowchart (or very close to) which specific to structured programming. This way of doing the flowchart of a program is linked to an analyze method.
As the flowchart is build incrementally, the method guide you to draw the next refinement until the tree is detailed enough to program the solution.
Details may vary in the drawing of the tree, but the tree represent the algorithm use to solve a problem.
Hi Mark,
(11-20-2014 12:01 AM)Mark Hardman Wrote: [ -> ]I think that would be a "Jackson Structured Programming Diagram".
Not sure, but I have to find more literature.
I guess I found a lead on Wikipedia
Quote:Another consequence of JSP's focus on data streams is that it creates program designs with a very different structure to the kind created by the stepwise refinement methods of Wirth and Dijkstra.
This sentence look closer to what I am looking for.
And particularly this part
Quote:the stepwise refinement methods of Wirth and Dijkstra.
I guess, I will have to google a lot in the coming days.

Thanks for the fast answers.
Looks a bit like an abstract syntax tree (AST) which is what compilers usually convert your program into before optimising and generating code.

- Pauli
Drakon chart?
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