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Full Version: Replacement for HP-97 card reader cable
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I would like to share a tip for an inexpensive replacement flat cable for the HP-97 card reader assembly. The replacement has almost exact length and matching connector spacing, only tree conductors to many - easily cut away with a pair of scissors. I have tested, and it has a very good fit.

I don't need any at the moment, but I think I might buy some just because! I have had lots of trouble with these before, both in a 97 and an 85 computer. Thanks!
Yes, it was a relief to find these since I had a cable where the conductors were coming lose from the carrier material. 6 USD for three Cables (incl. shipping) is quite a good price, I think. My cables were delivered a couple of weeks after order.
Oh, nice find! I ordered one (apparently there are three cables to the set). I've had trouble with the original cable delaminating.
I hope you will be as satisified as I am - also nice to have a couple of extra cables.
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