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Full Version: is this possible?
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Hi everyone and really thanks for this useful forum. This is my first post because today arrived my old school hp 48g+. According to info searched on the net, first 48g+ where from 1998.
Ok, mine says 1993, and the id corresponds with an 48g+ and as you can see in the pics all seems ok, 128k ram and all logos.
What so you think about it gurus? The calculator is in very mint condition and works so smooth and fine, but I cannot find a g+ dated on 1993...

[Image: DSC_0324.jpg]
subir foto
[Image: DSC_0322.jpg]
subir imagenes
[Image: DSC_0323.jpg]
imagen jpg
According to the serial number, it's from 2002. AFAIK they never changed the copyright date on Pioneers. All my pocketable Pioneers have a copyright notice from 1987.

Some more info here (decoding the serial number).
Thank you man, that makes a lot of sense to all.
Really thanks
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