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Full Version: Bug in CAS regarding large (and small) exponents
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I searched and didn't find this, but I've noticed that if i enter "3^{5e-40}" (where {} denotes what's in the exponent), hit enter, then try to copy the result it copies (by using the on screen option) as "3^{5}e-40" and treats it as ((3^5)*(2.71828182846)-40 (verified using the "a b/c" button). In home mode it treats it as it should and copies it as "3^{5.E-40}.

This works the same with large exponents. Is this just due to the lower case e being copied in the CAS having a strict definition of Euler's number?

EDIT: I just tried this on the virtual calculator and couldn't reproduce it. The numbers copy as they should (with the E instead of e). I attached screen captures from the calculator to demonstrate what I (poorly) described. The second image shows what copies when I copy the previous entry.
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