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Full Version: Assemble matrices in spreadsheet
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I have 4 matrices 2x2 in the spreadsheet. I wonder if there is any way to assemble them forming one matrix of 4x4, for them inverse it.

Or if there is any way to do that in the main menu.
In CAS (is this what you call "main menu")?

CONCAT(M1,M2) -> M5
CONCAT(M3,M4) -> M6

mat2list(M5) -> L1
mat2list(M6) -> L2

CONCAT(L1,L2) -> L3

list2mat(L3,4) -> M7

M7^-1 -> M8

There may be a more elegant way to do this, however.
Thanks! It helped me a lot.
A very ingenious way.
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