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Full Version: slopefield
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Good morning! I just got my Prime yesterday and I'm pretty excited about it.

I was trying to put it through its paces last night and tried to make a slopefield. I followed the syntax listed in the User Guide as well as the syntax listed when you hit the "help" button. For example, I input


and it outputs


where the ... indicates more points. I feel as if it's outputting the command for the segments to indicate slopes instead of plotting anything, but I'm sure it's user error. What am I missing to plot a slopefield? It would really help me out right now in my analytical mechanics course.
Try using the Geometry app. Go to the symbolic view and enter: plotfield(x*cos(y),x=-5..5,y=-5..5) into the right-most input field. Then press plot.
Sure enough! Thanks a lot, Han.

Now I just need to find how to specify various initial conditions to see how the plots compare.

Thanks again!
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