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Full Version: 12c Platinum ARM-based (two coin cells)?
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I saw a reference to a two-coin-cell 12c Platinum from 2010. Did HP switch production of the 12c Platinum to the ARM (AT91SAM7L128) platform? I received such a unit last year, but was told that it hadn't been put into production. Perhaps I misunderstood?
You did not misunderstand.
Thanks for the confirmation. I guess the one that was described in the forum back in December 2010 must also have been obtained through a non-retail channel. It's interesting in that there's a Declaration of Conformity PDF on the HP web site for the HP 12c Platinum with regulatory model number HSTNJ-KN11 dated 20-DEC-2012, which AFAICT must be specifically for the AT91SAM7L128-based hardware. Since the DoC number has a "-R2" suffix, it seems possible that there was an earlier DoC also for the HSTNJ-KN11.
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