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Full Version: Hewlett-Packard to be split up?
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What would that mean for the calculator branch...?
You know, with all of the random-like business decisions and CEO turnover that has occured at HP lately, I wonder if the people in charge are just throwing darts at a dartboard...

Should it turn out to be true, I'll probably hear about it but not really have any idea what it will mean for months...
They may call the PC company "Compaq" Smile
(10-06-2014 04:32 AM)patrice Wrote: [ -> ]They may call the PC company "Compaq" Smile

Big Grin
It is official:


kind regards,
And where shall be that little touch of calculators now?

"The decision to separate into two market-leading companies will provide each new company with enhanced independence, focus, financial resources, and flexibility to adapt quickly to market and customer dynamics, while generating long-term value for shareholders."

Is this in preparation for selling one of the new "companies" off soon?

This reminds me of when Netflix decided to split into two entities. Let's hope it goes smoother than that fiasco...
A reduction of 55,000 employees seems like a lot...
55k employees? Don't they employ about 300k? That's over 18% of the company!
55,000 looks like a key-bounce problem to me.

Headlines mention 5000 layoffs.
(10-06-2014 01:24 PM)walter b Wrote: [ -> ]And where shall be that little touch of calculators now?

I believe that calculators were included in the printer and personal systems division in recent organizational structures, and so would presumably be a part of HP, Inc., should HP Inc. decide to remain in the calculator business. Hard to see calculators being redefined as fitting in the "next generation of technology infrastructure, software and services for the New Style of IT" and so going to Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.
As far as I can tell, the calc group remains within the HP, Inc thing since we do fall under the personal systems group. They've been quite supportive and enthusiastic about the business for quite a long time, so I personally am not concerned about anything changing for the foreseeable future.
(10-06-2014 04:14 PM)Peter Murphy Wrote: [ -> ]55,000 looks like a key-bounce problem to me.

Headlines mention 5000 layoffs.

HP had already announced plans to layoff 50k employees. Today's split announcement includes another 5k layoffs bringing the new total to 55k.
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