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Full Version: Connectivity Kit crashes
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I've a Problem with the connectivity kit (perhaps there this an issue with Microsoft updates):

After first Installation it works for some days, but now when i connect my prime and expand the node i get as message "ConnectivityKit.exe funktioniert nicht mehr" (german OS)

With the Emulator everything works.

My OS is Windows 7 64bit.
Is there any solution?
Maybe if you translate the error code into English?


Mick C
(10-14-2014 03:03 PM)ww63 Wrote: [ -> ]Is there any solution?

"Connectivity kit stopped working".

I would do this action:
Try a different USB port.

If it doesn't work for you, then:
Save your work (check the working directory in the HP software menus).
Uninstall the hp software, and install it again, making sure you have administration rights in the windows PC.
Then ask the hp software to check for updates.
Things I've tried so far:

1) repair installation => no success
2) uninstall / reinstall => no success
3) change usb port => no success

this is the latest Software Version


connection with the virtual prime works
connecting to my real prime works until i try to expand the node of my prime

what i will try next is to select a recovery Point after the installation of the connectivity kit
I've tried out the first few recovery points after the first installation of the connectivity kit with no success.
latest news: after another uninstall and reinstallation =>same behavior (crash)
then changing language to english => success
switching language back to german => success (no crash)

disconnecting prime and reconnecting it => sucess
closing and reopening connectivity kit => success
Well that is strange. We've never seen an issue where the language plays a difference in the PC side code on anything. Thanks for the heads up.
Windows sometimes makes assumptions about things like number format when selecting a language (e.g. the 'comma' vs 'period' for decimal separator) and this might conflict with some assumptions in the CK code during installation. Puzzling in any case . . .
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