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Full Version: Does HP-45 have a series number?
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Hey I'm glad to aquire a full set of HP 45 recently. (Without battery package. Also the FIX key and 1/x key don't work.)

Every time I get a vintage HP I always check the series number to see how many years the calculator is older than me XD

But I can't find a series number on my HP 45. I wonder if the HP 45 doesn't have one?

I'm in my national day holiday... yet for someone it's a national martyr day...
Did you look inside the battery compartment? That's where the serial number is on my classic HP-35. It is a sticker, so the sticker could have been removed.
(10-02-2014 02:06 AM)Waon Shinyoe Wrote: [ -> ]... yet for someone it's a national martyr day...

we hope for no new ones.
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