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Full Version: Just saying thanks ...
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... for several years of hosting!

I think the new software will serve us at least as well as the old one did and still does.

Edit: Editing the text still possible! Nice :-)
[tex]\left ( month+\frac{i\%\left ( month+1 \right )}{2} \right )pmt \left ( \frac{\left (1+j\% \right )^{years} - 1}{j\%} \right )[/tex]

[Image: gif.latex?\left&space;(&...mp;space;)]

[tex] functionality is missing :-(

img functionality only works when smilies are disabled.

Edit: SVG isn't supported :-(
And finally ...

$$\left ( months+\frac{i\%\left ( months+1 \right )}{2} \right )pmt \left ( \frac{\left (1+j\% \right )^{years} - 1}{j\%} \right )$$

Thanks (also to Walter for the 's') :-).
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