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Full Version: Manual suggestions
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The current manual layout is makes very inefficient use of space.


Most of the time, a good third (left side) of any page is white space. (E.g. see page 9 -- page 13 in the pdf; or see page 217 -- page 221 of the pdf) This is where HP normally uses subheadings. A little bit of whitespace to allow for book binding is reasonable. I think there are much better ways of doing this. For example, subheading text could be flipped to flow vertically along the outer edge, similar to the heading label at the bottom of the page. (This is in addition to subheadings that look similar to main headings -- but in smaller font, of course).

Only split the text into two "columns" (at most) when showing screenshots. This way, you get larger screenshots and more room for text/code. (E.g. see page 583 -- which is actually page 589 of the pdf file -- would look much better if we had the pic by itself on one side and the descriptive text on the other)
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