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Full Version: For Sale: HP-41 RAM-Box 32KByte W&W
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HP-41 RAM-Box 32KByte from W&W
one bank
several DIP switches on bottom side for port selection
internal +3V lithium cell replaced
user manual included
W&W operating system stored on page 8

I am located in North-Germany - best wishes - Christoph
Hi, What is its price?

Best regards

Andrea from Rome
Dear Andre,
you are located in Rom /Italy. From my understanding transfer of RAM-Box to your home by post transfer would be easy.
The price for the 32KByte version = 400€ and includes the user manual.
Please understand that HP-41 RAM box units are exotic accessory components - you do not find behind any corner....
I am located in Hildesheim near Hannover in North-Germany

Best regards - Christoph
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