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Full Version: For Sale: Entire Collection (HP-25, HP-67, and more!)
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Hello all, I'm selling my grandfather's old computer collection! The collection includes:

- Timex Sinclair 1000 in original box (untested)
- HP-25 w/ original accessories (corrosion on one battery terminal, powers on with charger)
- HP-67 w/ original accessories + Reserve Power Pack Charger (works with charger, broken magnetic card reader motor)
- TI Business Analyst - II w/ leather cover (great condition, untested)
- APOLLO CD-2500 (untested)
- CASIO personal-mini w/ leather pouch (untested)

Shoot me a DM with your offer!

[Image: 4HCROFF.jpeg]
DM sent.
A couple more things:

1. I forgot to mention the Versalog and 1447 Post Slide Rules! The Versalog is in terrific shape, and the 1447 looks brand spanking new!

2. Does anyone know anything about the aluminum APOLLO CD-2500 featured on the bottom-right? It's such a cool little thing, but I can't find any information about it anywhere! Would love to know more.

Thanks everyone!
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