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Full Version: For sale: HP 42S and 48GX
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HP 42S: $180 + shipping in the US
HP 48GX: $175 + shipping in the US
Or purchase both for $300 with free shipping in the US

There is no manual or cover for the 42S. I have run both internal/display and keyboard tests per instructions posted online by Mike Sebastian and found no abnormalities.

The 48GX user manual cover has some wear but the manual is otherwise pristine. I have run a self-test and keyboard test per the user manual and found no abnormalities. I can't run a port RAM test because I don't have memory cards. If the memory ports failed to work I would issue a refund and pay for return shipping. These calculators were my fathers and he cherished is HP calculators.

42S photos: https://imgur.com/a/Blj1iFN
48GX photos: https://imgur.com/a/WOD2K8A
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