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Full Version: HP-41 Items and WP34S for sale
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For sale - HP41 and WP34s and other items
I have a wp34s with crystal installed. Crystal was installed and flashed a few times to update the firmware. Maybe a few hours operation. I looked for the flash cable I got from Gene but couldn't find it. All the keys work like new. Crisp click and feel. No mushy keys. This was a 30 model new. $125.00 which includes shipping to lower 48. If other location will have to figure out shipping costs.


[SOLD] HP82153A Wand in like new condition. I am the original owner of this item. Used very little. It is in like new condition. Used and return to original box. Still has the original little bag on the module. comes with box, paper keyboard(some high quality copies of paper keyboard, pamphlets, Creating your own bar code book in perfect condition.
A stack of bar codes for programs I made. (Ultra Trek game with bar codes) You will be ready to load programs and enjoy this item out of the box. I tested it and works perfectly. $125.00 includes shipping. Space War, Bagels, Pinball, Biorythms, Subhunt, Craps, Hang, INI, HEX-DEC, DEC-HEX, Truck, Caves, New moon, Wizard, Blackjack, Bjack67, Wumpus, Xdir, Lcat, Loopcat, Hload, Prime, Phonbk, Readem, Test, Yahtzee, XDIR-41, TRPCOMP are the programs included on bar codes. You will be ready to have some fun out of the box with this.


HP82143A Printer in excellent condition, tested and working perfectly(print out shown) 2 extra rolls of paper, extra battery. Battery was rebuilt some years ago. Was taking a charge. Condition and how well it will hold a charge I can't say. Manual, QRC, Charger. $125 includes shipping.


All these items are priced lower than current ebay prices.(insane some of the prices this stuff is going for on ebay) I would price these lower but I know the scalpers prowl this site and then resell for huge markups on ebay. Not going to give big profits to people who don't care about this stuff so I'm forced to ask these prices. I'm hoping someone can get some use out of them. Any questions or if you would like more pictures please ask)

None of these items were used in field work. This was a hobby for me and they never left the house except when I moved. Always returned to their boxes when not in use and stored in a plastic bin with moisture pacs.

Thank you for your interest in this items
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