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Full Version: HHC 2014 HP Trivia question(s) - for those of us who are not there
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Put some blank spaces at the top of your answers so that people who click in to read this topic don't see them right away.

1) Which HP calculator(s) normalize a number the moment you press a shift key, i.e., 0.5 turns into 0.5000 to the limits of the display mode when the shift key is pressed.

2) Which HP calculator(s) have only one of these functions as a primary key, and the rest are shifted keys: 10^x, e^x, LN, LOG ?

And, yes, sadly, I am not at HHC 2014 this year.

Just because I use calculator(s) above does not necessarily mean there is one or more than one. That's up to you to figure out. Kudos to anyone who figures this out from memory without googling or otherwise looking at calculators. :-)
Will spread this around Gene. Midnight Saturday.


No response at all? :-(

Ok, try the HP 21 red display LED calculator.

The HP 21 has e^x as a primary key and LN, Log and 10^x as shifted keys.

Also, key 0.5 and press the blue shift key. 0.5 is transformed to the limits of the display setting. Showing essentially "Fix 4" ? Then 0.5 blue shift shows 0.5000 in the display.
(09-22-2014 08:39 PM)Gene Wrote: [ -> ]No response at all? :-(

Gene - I missed the post a couple of days ago! I just read the first post, thought of my HP-21 and intended to answer but was evidently too late.

I use the HP-21 in my home office with this nice stand as my 'go to' machine.

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