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Full Version: (12C Platinum) Voyager Manager
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I wrote a console program to generate "multiprograms" by combining multiple 12C programs into one, with a jump table at the beginning so you don't need to remember the starting address of each program. It handles all the GTO address offsetting for you and it also manages your library of programs. This is still a very early version but it works for my 7 programs that are included with it. If you'd like me to include your public domain programs in the library of the next version feel free to type them in with a detailed description and send me the resulting programs.dat file.

Blog post here: https://www.inshame.com/2024/04/voyager-...r-v01.html

I'm attaching the zipfile too. It includes the Lua Binaries from https://sourceforge.net/projects/luabinaries/ but I recommend you don't just trust me and replace them with your own or just verify them

Current list of included programs:

1. Bet maker: R1[profit] R2[probability of event]. Outputs: decimal odds.
2. GCD of R1 and R2
3. Pricer: R1[exact price],R2[min profit, e.g. 0.9 means 10% loss],R3[max profit, e.g. 1.2 means 20% profit]. Outputs: items to sell as a batch R/S price this batch R/S resulting profit. (Can also be used to estimate a fraction arbitrarily close to any number, e.g. set 3.1415, 0.99, 1.01 to get an approximation of pi, denominator R/S numerator R/S ratio of approximation to exact value)
4. Prime decomposition of R1. Outputs: base R/S exponent R/S base R/S etc.
5. Significance calculator: R1[total experiments] R2[probability of experiment to succeed by chance] R3[successes (0 to ask for 99% confidence)]. Outputs: probability the successes are not by chance or, if you were asking, number of successes required for 99% confidence they weren't by chance
6. mod (reads from stack, like division)
7. nCr: R1 choose R2 (combinations)
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