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Full Version: HP 100LX/200LX Developers Guide - where?
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Once upon a time ... there was a "HP 100LX/200LX Developers Guide" sold by HP which included printed documentation as well as header files, tools etc.
I understood that this pack was available from Thaddeus Computing some years ago, but that's probably ancient history.

I found a subset of some documents and files for the 95LX developer guide but none for the HP 100/200LX.

Is this somewhere available on the net or for creating a copy?

(09-12-2014 06:36 PM)x34 Wrote: [ -> ]You can try LXREF from http://hp200lx.net/cgi-bin/modsearch.cgi?Cat=Reference

... thanks - I had searched quite some time, but not seen this file.
Looks interesting. I can even read it using DOSBox under Windows 7/64.

It might still be available from Thaddeus Computing.

You might also try contacting Hal Goldstein directly. He might have one burried in the basement.

Update: The HP 100LX/200LX Developer's Guide is available on the Palmtop Paper's CDInfoBase, here.

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