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Full Version: German Calculators
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Hello German friends!

I'm on the way to Hamburg as I write this. I'll be there Monday night through Thursday.

I'd like to know if there is anyone looking to connect or suggest places to see. We can talk calculators if you like, but I'm about experiencing Germany first!

Btw, I'll also be in Helsinki Friday night.
Well since you asked I will too! I will be in Mainz after the Reno conference. Anyone around Saturday the 27th. I plan in the Mainz flea market if it is open as the hotel is right ther on the Rhine.

Cheers, geoff
Well, Geoff, since you're talking flea market: I'd be most willing to throw in two spiral bound manuals to get one of your books in exchange (you know which). We'd save all the packing and postage and customs and could talk calculators instead a bit. Sufficient motivation?

Hamburg is just a bit too far from my place, sorry.


Done deal,

So see you Saturday afternoon. In Mainz?


I will bring maple sugar cookies for your mom.
I'll be in Assen today and Papenburg tonight and tomorrow.
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