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Full Version: Looking for the Mullish/Kochan HP book
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Hi all

Anyone know if there’s a PDF of the Mullish/Kochan book for programming HP calculators?
Although I don't expect there are too many books written by a pair of authors with those names, you could probably get more help if you shared the title, assuming you know what it is...

Re: Programmable Calculator Book
Message #3 Posted by Erik Wahlin on 23 May 2002, 1:31 a.m.,
in response to message #1 by Kelvin Hunter
Sounds like the book by Henry Mullish

Programmable Pocket Calculators. by Henry Mullish And Stephen Kochan. Hayden Book Company new Jersey 1980 0-8104-5175-1 Programmable pocket calculators examined in detail, their architecture, special features, and programming techniques. Calculators examined are: Novus Mathematician PR, Sinclair Scientific Programmable, HP-25, HP 25-C, HP-55, HP-65, HPD-67, HP-19C, HP-29C, H0-33E.
I have the book but no PDF version of it, sorry.
(11-25-2023 07:48 PM)Sylvain Cote Wrote: [ -> ]I have the book but no PDF version of it, sorry.

Looks like I found a PDF for you or anyone here.

After some months, I thought to repeat the search at Anna’s Archives. Lo and behold, FOUND!!

The PDF I got looks exactly as it did when it was first printed.

Here’s the link:

Programming Programmable Calculators (Mullish & Kochan)
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