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Full Version: Complex Calculation made easy at easycalculation
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I was searching for web for calculating the carnot cycle efficiency. Went through easycalculation site .

Really the site is very good. Calculators for more complex calculations are provided here. Also , the tutorials for the calculations are provided....

If you are in need of any calculations you can use the site.

Suggest some more sites similar to this or better than this.
You mean this site?
Nice one. It all depends on what are your needs after all.

You may like to have a look to wolframalpha here as well.
It is not for free, but this is probably one of the top sites for symbolic algebra and you can take advantage of it for free as long as you don't exaggerate on the time spent in the site.

Also you may like to download and install XCAS (used in a more simplified version in the HP-PRIME calculators).
While not a calculation website, I've found the Falstad applets useful and entertaining for visualizing those things for which we use our calculators.

Thank you for your suggestions :-)
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