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Full Version: Advanced Graphing problem
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Hello everyone
I just bought a new G2 last week. I am using it to do circuit analysis with Laplace transformation. The problem is the whole graph seems being shifted to the left. the plot expression is
I tested it in Matlab, The result is correct.
Please refer to the attached files
Does anyone know the reason?
I do not have a G2 calc, but I have plotted your expression on a G1 Rev C and on the virtual Calc. In both cases it was necessary to adjust te zoom to visualize a graph similar to your Matlab screenshot. I used the second option under the Zoom menu to set a box of the area to be zoomed which is a tiny area in the first quadrant very near to both axes. There are two pics attached. The first one is the zoom selection screenshot and the second one is the final result. Hope it helps.
I've had similar issue, but I thought it was because I use old (2018) HP Prime emulator.

(11-03-2023 01:07 PM)Albert Chan Wrote: [ -> ]V1: Y>=MAX(-7*X+66, X+40, -2.5*X+60)

Is there a simple way to zoom-in, with X = [0,8], Y = [40,60] ?

Zoom-Box option does not allow directly entering corner coordinates.
It only allow point and click for corners, but does not show coordinates.
We don't even know where the corners are without zoom-out, many times.
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