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Full Version: How to install EE Library on HP Prime?
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I downloaded the EElibrary by Bernard Michaud (https://www.hpcalc.org/prime/science/eelibrary.zip) and extracted the zip file. There are 2 x folders as follows:
EE Analysis 6.hpappdir
EE Library 6.hpaddir

I am using the HP Prime Virtual Calculator and the HP Connectivity kit.

I drag the EE Library 6.hpappdir folder to the Program icon on the HP Prime connectivity kit. On the Connectivity kit I also see that there is a folder called EE Library 6 and there is a Files folder containing all the png files and the like.

On the HP Prime virtual calculator there is now an EE Library 6 icon showing.
I select it and then hit start - it only start a solver that says EE Library 6 Symbolic view.

How do I get the equation library to show properly?

Sorry for such a basic question - I have tried to search for an answer but I am not getting anywhere.

in the download you not only find the two hpappdir folders but also the pdf describing the EE library.
After your copy to the [virt] calc you can start the App from the Apps screen. You now should see the info not directly the solver!
In this Info there is also the description of the main using this App:
  • With the "View" key you always see the EE options menu
  • After selecting 4 (EE Main Menu) you are in the Main Menu
  • Selecting a category will bring a sub menu
  • Selecting an option will show further informations/pictures
  • Pressing "Enter" brings you finally to the solver with the formulas you selected

Here you choose the formula you need and press "Num" to enter values and solve for the unknown as you should know it from the solver.

In every situation you can press "View" again to get to the Options Menu again. Or press "Info" (shift->Apps) to see the initial description again.

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