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Full Version: Displaying ∂u/∂t but only get ∂u() and displaying 2nd order ode
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Thank you for your time.
Background information
Using the top row button, 3rd from the left one can select a set of templates such as:numerator/denominator a number raised to a power, as well as ∂u/∂t - the u and t are squares you inset in the squares.

Before I have been able to display in the home screen ∂u/∂t

I want to display


BUT now only able to display


How do I display ∂u/∂t?

How do I display ∂²u/∂x²

Thank you
Anthony, Sydney
Your 'Entry' has changed to Algebraic.
So set Entry:=0, or use the Home Settings to change to 'Textbook' or RPN
It is inexplicable but I managed to be able to express the numerator and demominator of a partial derivative.

Nevertheless, if there is a method to get a numerator and denominator such as
∂u/∂x instead of ∂() I would be happy.

I managed to get a double derivative such as ∂²u/∂x²
Suppose we have a 2nd order ode of
A solution is:
y = C1 + C2*e^(-3x)

In the prime:
G_0*e^(-3x) + G_1

To achieve ∂(∂u/∂x)∂x
1. Press the top row, third button from the left select ∂ /∂.
2. On the numerator of ∂ /∂ place ∂u/∂x. On the denominator of ∂ /∂ place an x to finally make it

Thank you
Anthony, Sydney
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