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Full Version: Vector Arithmetic on the Casio fx-991CW
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Before you go into a laughing spell, have a look at this.

I decided on a challenge. How do I perform Vector Arithmetic on the CW.

Beginning with the example from the HP-21 manual, I just had to give it a go.

Fishing around to see the idiosyncrasies the entry and result characteristics of how the Casios work with Rectangular/Polar coordinates and the number entry in each format, a+bi and r∠θ.

After a few ideas and tests with the HP-21 example, I successfully devised a methodology. Here’s the MS Word file describing the process. From the looks of the procedure, it could easily be adjusted for the 115 and 991 series.

One more reason I don’t need to use the CW as a doorstop or paperweight. Besides, I spent good money on it, so I should give it a chance to prove itself.

HP-21 Vector Arithmetic for fx-991CW
I plan to do vector operations for the HP 15C (CE) this week.
(08-21-2023 01:14 PM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote: [ -> ]I plan to do vector operations for the HP 15C (CE) this week.

Glad to be of help. Take a tip from the 25 & 29C manuals as they have statistics and you can add/subtract the vectors with Σ+/Σ- and recall the sums with RCL Σ+.
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