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Full Version: *10^x hiccup on Casio fx-991CW Classwiz
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Hi all.

From one of my latest posts on the Casio Calculator Collector Facebook group, there is a peculiar glitch with the x10^x button. The *10^x portion of the typed in value is not connected to its mantissa.

This glitch is evident when a division is part of the mathematical expression input.

For example, take 5/8*10^6. Rather than the expected result of 6.25*10^-7, the result on the 991CW returns 6.25*10^5. Then, as I enter the expression using the x10^x button with parentheses around the 8*10^6 value, such as 5/(8x10^6), the correct answer of 6.25*10^-5 is displayed.
Answer is correct if you use the fraction display entry mode…
(08-18-2023 03:41 AM)lrdheat Wrote: [ -> ]Answer is correct if you use the fraction display entry mode…

Yes. I'm presuming you mean the fraction template key instead of the divide key. Right? But you shouldn’t need to remember to enter the expression that way
Technically, [×10^] is the old [EXP] key

A [×10^] B == (A×10^B)      // note the parentheses.

But, I am wondering if "hiccup" is intentional: a feature, not a bug.
In line mode:

5 [÷] 8 [×10^] 6        is displayed as      5÷8×10^6
5 [÷] 8 [×] [10^] 6    is displayed as      5÷8×10^(6

Based on displayed line, only difference is the extra "(".
It may be more natural to assume both are equivalent.
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