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Full Version: HP 41C USB Power Adapter Available? (No Batteries)
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I'm aware of a way to power a HP-41C from a module as documented in this old forum thread.
What I would like to find is a battery holder replacement that when installed would power the HP-41C direct from a USB cable plugged in through the normal power port. I'm sure I've seen this before but does any one offer these for sale?

Hi Craig,

Although the idea behind the new Power Pack (82120D) for the HP-41 is to have a LiPo battery powered alternative to the alkalines or standard 82120A battery pack; it can also be used without the battery in the way you've described.

The 82120D project is still in progress, but I can provide you with a prototype board with no battery.

Note however that this prototype does have a micro-USB connector instead of the USB-C, it takes the USB +5v supply and feeds it into the DC/DC converter which generate the 6.4V for the HP-41.

Please PM me in case you're interested.

Best regards.

Thank you Diego, PM sent.
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