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Full Version: WP-34S Manual (Version 3.3 Error)
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On page 19 of the manual, the example says to type (40, Enter, 30, ->Polar). This should read (30, Enter, 40, ->Polar) for the
angle to appear as shown (36.8698976). Entering the numbers shown in the manual (40, Enter, 30, ->Polar) you get an angle
of (53.1301024).

To be consistent with the diagram on the following page (Page 20) the Y (Vertical) value should be 30 and the X (Horizontal) value
should be 40.

Thanks for reporting that. You're absolutely right. I'll follow your suggestion and swap x and y there (and in the WP 31S manual as well).


(I taylored that example to get an 80 yards rope - and forgot that X is entered last. Sad One thing I can't get accustomed to after all those years is entering coordinates x,y in reverse order. Undecided The problem didn't show up as long as the angle in Y wasn't displayed after ->P, but with v3.3 that hideaway vanished. A merciless display ... )
Also on page 20 the text refers to posts "C" and "D" which do not appear on the diagram.
From the text it seems that the "Upper Left Hand Corner" of the rectangle should be labeled "C",
and the "Upper Right Hand Corner" of the rectangle should be labeled "D".
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