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Full Version: Class reunion
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Last weekend we had our 40-year class reunion (we went to school from 1968 to 1980), delayed by three years due to COVID. Whilst researching material for the then-and-now photo collections, this newspaper clipping was unearthed. The upper picture shows me with my Ti59 calculator - as written many times, no one among us could afford an HP calculator then - which makes this the oldest, and only, photo of me with a calculator :-) The text says it was the physics exam which, if memory serves me well, was the one I got the best score in. Mathematics was a total fail for our entire class, because our teacher prepared us for completely different topics then those of the exam. No one among us went ahead to become a mathematician because of that...
Does anybody have an older photo of herself or himself with a calculator?


NB: The newspaper clip is from "La Prealpina", a local paper from the province of Varese in northern Italy which still exists (https://www.prealpina.it/).

[Image: Prealpina1_SDI4585_1024px.jpg]
1978, with my Novus Mathematician, at the end of the day, while preparing Inorganic Chemistry I (IIRC) during the first university year.

[Image: MaxBeta.jpg]
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