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Full Version: Good tiny device for storing/summing up a few lists of numbers throughout the day?
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(08-21-2014 03:06 AM)Dave Britten Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-21-2014 01:57 AM)Les Bell Wrote: [ -> ]I actually do store some of my medical data in the cloud - I put my weight, daily pedometer reading and BP figures in a Google Sheet. I get nice graphs to illustrate my current weight loss (lack of!) progress, and it saved me around 90 minutes and a consultation fee when I last needed a renewed prescription for my hypertension medication - I just emailed a link to my GP and she posted back the prescription.

The risks are minimal - we're not talking national security here - and the benefits outweigh them.

Yeah, data on how much I drink and pee isn't terribly valuable to a typical identity thief. Wink

Perhaps you should consider a smartphone with facial recognition for logging in...
Excep that instead you can only log in if your water bottle is half full confirming the correct quantity visually...

For small devices, it might be worth mentioning the HP Prime App on Android.
The official recommendation is a mobile with a 5 inch screen. However, I have used it succesfully on a mobile with a 4.3 inch screen - and could probably go a little smaller.

An alternative that might be easier if numbers are small and totals are needed, rather than separate values for each meal: A clicker... a device which increments by one every time you press a button. You might find it easier than screen and keyboard. They are typically used by door staff to count how many people are being let into a venue for fire safety purposes.
Ha, funny to see this thread come back up again. I had been using the lists on my 27S for a while, but I recently started using my DM42 with a program tailored to the data I need to enter. I hadn't realized that matrices were as flexible as they are, so that gave me enough of a foothold to build it.

I haven't completely mastered all the ins and outs of 42 UI and matrix programming, but I'd eventually like to build something that replicates the list entry of the 17BII/27S (mostly for other stuff; it's handy for keeping tabs on credit card or gift card balances).
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